Horror Short Review: Hotel Visitor (2022)

Written and directed by Connor Hatten, and starring Chance Caudill. Hotel Visitor begins showing a young man arriving at his hotel room and settling in for the night.

While washing up, his phone begins to ring, but it’s just one of those automated ‘car warranty’ calls so he hangs up. Clearly exhausted, the man gets into bed but the sound of a car alarm outside disturbs him. He gets up and sees the owner running to silence it so closes the blinds and heads back to bed.

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That is until he hears what sounds like a growl. Puzzled, he opens the blinds again to see the car with all its doors open and no-one around. As he glances away, the sound of doors shutting turns his attention back to the car where a mysterious black shape now stands. One that appears to look and him and head towards the hotel.

What happens next? Check it out below to find out for yourself.

There’s not much of a budget here, and it shows. Nowhere more than with the ‘villain’ of the piece, which has a very ‘cartoony’ look to it. That’s a bit of a problem as it doesn’t exactly make it scary. However, the reactions of Chance Caudill, some nice shots, and creepy audio touches make it a more positive experience overall.



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Hotel Visitor (2022)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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