Album Review: Luke Appleton – Snake Eyes (Rocksector Records)

Iced Earth bassist and Absolva guitarist Luke Appleton releases a debut full length solo album, featuring guest contributions from original Iced Earth singer Gene Adam, Absolva frontman/Blaze Bayley guitarist Chris Appleton, Metaprism singer Theresa Smith and Babylon Fire guitarist Rishi Mehta.

‘Snake Eyes’ is the follow-up to the acoustic EP ‘How Does It Feel to Be Alive?’ which was released in 2018. The album is released 26th April 2019 via Rocksector Records.

Luke has this to say:

“Snake Eyes is an emotional rollercoaster of which I’m extremely proud. Lyrically and performance-wise I believe this is some of my best work to-date. I wanted to create something that is much more than ‘just an acoustic album’ and I feel I’ve succeeded in that goal.”

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The acoustic melodies that Appleton brings to the plate with Snake Eyes are a varied mix of emotional highs and lows. The light guitar strumming of Inside Out, the moodier tone of the title track and super-soft crooning of Theresa Smith on First Star fill the first half with enlightening feelings.

The driving force behind this album is often the vocals but with the added moments of percussion and electric guitar it’s a more imaginative release. A whole host of guests add some weight and variation although Appleton’s vocals are more then up to the task set here.

Original Iced Earth singer, Gene Adam is a particular highlight with his commanding performance on Slay the Hydra. Elsewhere, Stone Broke from My Heart gives us a cool sounding solo, Walkers is very moody and The Other Side is a highlight of sadness.

Appleton does acoustic well. Twelve tracks could be pushing it but with a varied amount of tunes, it holds the attention and leaves an impression.

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Luke Appleton – Snake Eyes Full Track Listing:

1. Inside Out
2. Medusa
3. Snake Eyes
4. First Star
5. Heart Returns
6. Crocodile Tears
7. Stone Broke From My Heart
8. Walkers
9. The Other Side
10. Slay the Hydra
11. A Man of a Thousand Words
12. How Does It Feel to Be Alive? (Live – Bonus Track)

The album can be ordered here. Find out more via his website, Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.


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Luke Appleton - Snake Eyes (Rocksector Records)
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