Horror Short Review: High Tea (2018)

Coming from Video McNasties, High Tea stars the fiendish masked murderer, The Meathead. A twisted killer who likes to play games with his victims.

In this short, a young woman wakes up bound to a chair in an unknown location. She doesn’t know how she got there, only that she is in trouble. Especially when The Meathead walks in and offers her three chances to get out alive.

All she has to do is roll the perfect joint, something he knows plenty about. Not to tight, not to loose…just perfect.

There’s not a lot to High Tea but in it’s short run time it accomplishes a lot. The gritty style of filming gives it a grindhouse feel and there is plenty of tongue in cheek humour. I mean The Meathead does offer her a nice cup of tea first!

It’s little touches that make this a really memorable watch though. The sinister synth tone of the music, the Dr Doom style mask, the way the camera shakes when he gets angry and the tension that builds around the joint-rolling.

Great stuff. Check out the trailer below.

High Tea (2018)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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