Horror Short Review: Easter Egg (2018)

The short opens late at night, in an office where the clearly tired Gary is still working. His superior/colleague named Sabrina comes along to tell him she is leaving now before asking him his Easter plans.

Easter Egg 2

Gary tells her that he has none and she enquires about him going on an Easter egg hunt with his kids. He tells her that he doesn’t have any and this is where things get weird.

Her reaction to hearing he doesn’t have children is…odd, to say the least. The music also ramps up here to ensure we are aware that her response is unusual and probably doesn’t bode well for Gary.

She shakes it off, says her goodbyes and Gary gets back to working.

Easter Egg 3

A little while later, Gary is finished and leaving the office. As he walks down the hallway he comes across a plastic egg, the kind that would house a toy inside. He picks it up and opens it but it is empty. Then in a classic horror moment, we see something small, white and with a sinister laugh run across the hallway behind him.

Easter Egg 4

Gary continues walking down the hallway when he is hit from behind. As he gets up, he comes face to face with a bunny that begins running at him. We see this as the POV of the rabbit, the camera situated between its floppy ears (clearly a toy). As it closes in on Gary, it lets out a demonic roar and we hear Gary scream.

Easter Egg 5

This brings another of his colleagues out of their office who walks down the same hallway to discover a plastic egg on the floor…

We’ll stop there and let you enjoy the last 10-20 seconds without spoiling the finale. Save to say it will surprise and make you chuckle. Easter Egg is a horror comedy short and the joke at the end sticks the landing, releasing the tension built up from what had come before.

Well shot and well-acted, it leaves a good impression. An impressive feat for something that is only 2 minutes and 38 seconds long. Check it out yourself below.


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Easter Egg (2018)
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