Horror Movie Review: Easter Bunny Bloodbath (2010)

Written and directed by Richard Mogg, Easter Bunny Bloodbath is a tongue in cheek, no-budget 80s throwback slasher comedy horror that falls flat in far too many areas.

The plot is very basic, opening with a young boy and girl welcoming a man in a bunny costume into their house during Easter. The bunny chops off the girls head and we instantly see the quality of the effects here as fake blood splatters on the screen.

I presume this effect was taken from Google images and crops up time and time again throughout.

Easter Bunny 2

Anyway, the boy screams and then we cut to 20 years later where he is now an adult. Having a party weekend at a cabin with his friends. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Guess who comes to visit and start offing the partying kids? The Easter Bunny!

Easter Bunny 4

It’s as uninspired as it sounds with atrocious acting, a hilariously predictable twist and poor sound where the dialogue is low and the music obnoxiously loud. However, the worst thing about it is how little the killer Bunny appears on screen. In a near 80 minute movie, he probably only appears on screen for 10 of those.

A shame because the kills are gleeful and silly, even if the effects are terrible.

Elsewhere get used to a lot of talking from actors incapable of making anything they say sound believable. It’s a rough watch, not helped by how few jokes manage to land. Easter Bunny Massacre might be billed as a comedy horror but it is not intentionally funny.

Easter Bunny 3

There is one thing worth praising about the movie though and that’s its soundtrack. While it is far too loud at times, it has some really great music. Very memorable stuff and occasionally lifting a scene or two. Such as the final showdown between the lone survivor and the Bunny.


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Easter Bunny Bloodbath
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