Horror Short Review: Diet (2020)

Directed and edited by Aaron Fradkin, who stars alongside Wes Overby and Victoria Fratz. Diet is all about eating healthy as we see a young man chopping carrots.

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The first mistake in horror he makes is putting his hand into the food processor to retrieve an errant piece of carrot. However, like all horror seems to do, it’s a fake out scare as he retrieves his piece of all important veg. Going down the stairs and almost slipping on a carrot he dropped earlier, he has a shower all while eating his carrot pieces.

It’s here we get the shorts most horrific moment as we have to hear the man singing Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine.

Once that nightmare is over, he takes his bowl of carrots to bed and turns the TV on where an advertisement about the health benefits of carrots is on. It appears as though our carrot muncher has been inspired to lose weight via this veggie eating system.

However, his carrot chomping is brought to an end by a noise coming from outside. Naturally, he goes to look but finds nothing of note. Back in bed, he continues to chow down but starts to choke on a piece. Will he be able to dislodge it from his throat and what the hell is with the gnarled hands coming out of the closet!?

Just short of 5 minutes long, Diet is a bit of a weird horror short. You’re constantly waiting for the horror to kick in and when it finally does, it ends. Even worse, other than the great visual, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Was this being in someway involved in the choking incident? It’s not seen until this happens and even then, it’s brief.

Maybe you can make more sense out of it. Check it out below.


Diet (2020)
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