Horror Short Review: Crybaby Bridge: A Louisiana Urban Legend (2019)

Inspired by the urban legend of Crybaby Bridge, this short film might reference Louisiana in its title but many states have a similar legend. Each a variation on the basic story of a bridge where the sound of a child/children crying can be heard.

It’s a good urban legend to be inspired by and writer/director J.P. Willie has done extremely well with no budget. On his directorial debut too, no less.

Crybaby 6

Told from two perspectives. One where watch two men attempt to summon the ghost of CryBaby Bridge. the other were we hear the details of the legend from two women.

The former are in for a night to remember when they discover there is more truth to the legend than they thought. While the latter have an uncomfortable talk with a man who seems to know more about it than anyone else.

Crybaby 3

So the good… for being a no budget horror short, it looks great especially when you consider the planned style was for it to look ‘B-Rated’. Even still, there are some really well done shots and great timing. I particularly liked when one character was talking to another but facing the camera directly as though they were talking to us.

Crybaby 2

Another is used for a great jump-scare. Perfectly timed and a genuine surprise.

The story plays out well and pays off the short investment with a gleefully nasty finale. Here is where we get some gore and again, it looks good. Unlike many full length films with money behind it, Willie knows how to hide any potential limitations by not focusing on it for too long.

Then we have the music. The stuff used within the actual film is great! It really fits the mood and locations perfectly.

Crybaby 4

As for the bad? Well, there isn’t anything that really does any damage. The acting from most is fine, in fact better than expected and even the dialogue moves the story along well. One conversation about anal sex looks like it might be about to veer off a cliff. However, the two characters in question have good chemistry so it surprisingly works.

It’s a great short and going above and beyond the limitations of having no budget. Check out the trailer below.


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Crybaby Bridge: A Louisiana Urban Legend
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