Horror Short Review: Christmas Tree (2017)

A super-short at just over 2 minutes long, a clue as to just what it is about is in the title.

It opens with a young woman brushing her hair humming ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ when the same melody starts playing in a different room. She goes to investigate and finds a small handheld radio has turned on. She turns it off and the camera focuses on the nearby Christmas tree.

The young woman turns to go back to the bathroom when the radio turns on again. She turns it off once again, eyes the tree suspiciously as if she is getting a bad vibe from it and goes to leave again.

This time she gets all the way back and begins to brush her hair before the radio comes on for the final time. The final time because this tree isn’t any normal tree.

Check the short out yourself below to see what happens next.

It’s decent, nothing to get too excited about especially as there are far better ‘tree’ related shorts out there. However, it ramps up the tension nicely enough and pays it off in an expected yet satisfying way.

Christmas Tree (2017)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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