Horror Short Review: The Birch (2017)

‘He who breaks me shall come undone…’

The Birch is a horror short from CryptTV & Bloody Cuts directed by Ben Franklin and written by Anthony Melton. It sees a bullied boy reach breaking point & use a spell book passed down through the generations of his family to summon an ancient being.

Light on content being a short, The Birch does an impressive job of showing just how devastating bullying can be. The boy is backed into a corner & when his tormentor finally gets his comeuppance it’s very satisfying.

The best thing about The Birch? The creature effects. It looks amazing. Conveying both a horrifying look while also seeming wise & ancient. The final shot of the boy holding hands with the monster suggest that there is a cost to the summoning & it is reminiscent of Slender Man.

A very good effort. Check it out yourself below.

The Birch
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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