Album Review: Cockblockers – Cockblockers (Self Released)

Cockblockers hail from Kalamata, Greece. They were formed in the (very hot) summer of 2011. Their grace period lasted a while, since they had a very specific end game. But, through trial and error, they came up with the line-up that would allow them to take the next step & record their debut album.

On February 3rd 2018 the debut self-titled album was released on all online music distributions platforms.

‘The whole album is dedicated to a close friend of the band, Aggelos Fasoulis, who we loved dearly. He lost the fight with cancer in late 2015. Lost but not forgotten.’

Cockblockers 2

Driven Dog opens the album with a low, dirty groove to the guitars before picking up the pace near the end. A rocking start that gets the blood-pumping before Deadweight adds a little bit more imagination to the rhythm. Catchy hooks & vocals that have a nice bit of bite to them.

There is so much great guitar groove throughout Cockblockers. No matter if it’s on the heavier or on the more melodic side. Tracks like Absinthe, Enemies with its added gruffness, Sour’s slower soulfulness moments and the upbeat breakdowns of Ichi ensure this will be an album that will be played a fair few times as the year goes on.

The energy that Cockblockers exude is infectious & they deserve credit for crafting such a memorable & exciting album.



Cockblockers 1

Cockblockers – Cockblockers Full Track Listing:

1. Driven Dog
2. Deadweight
3. Carpet Burn
4. Absinthe
5. Enemies
6. Be my Valentine
7. Sour
8. Taste Delight
9. Ichi
10. For the Loss

You can order the album now on Bandcamp & stream via Spotify and Apple Music below. Find out more about them over on their Facebook Page and check out their videos on YouTube.

Cockblockers – Cockblockers (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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