Horror News: Clown Motel – 2 Death Do Us Part Kickstarter Campaign!

From Award-winning Director Joseph Kelly (Clown Motel, Bloody Island, Community Service) comes the sequel to the world wide cult hit Clown Motel: Spirits Arise…

“Clown Motel – 2 Death Do Us Part” picks up six months after the events of Clown Motel, with the search for Brooke (Elinor Price) in full swing, when Brooke’s fiance Sergeant Kelly (Joseph Kelly) gets new Intel on her possible whereabouts. Gathering a group of 8 Military Sergeants and Specialists along with 4 new recruits, hope opens up for Kelly, as he leads a military squad on an all out mission to find his fiance.

But as they enter the Clown realm where not only Brooke, but also Jane Doe has been trapped for over thirty years, the military squad is in for one of the most nightmarish showdowns of their lives.

With only a short amount of time to reach its goal, the Kickstarter project needs your help now. With a massive amount of perks/rewards available to backers, there’s something for everyone so check out the project here!

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