Horror Movie Review: What We Become (2015)

What We Become (Sorgenfri) is a Danish zombie (English subtitles) movie that puts emphasis on characters. It’s all about their reactions to being quarantined within their idyllic small town when a mysterious virus spreads.

90 minutes long, it builds atmosphere & tension leading to a payoff that will satisfy those who enjoy a more impactful finale.

What We Become 1

Set within the peaceful community town of Sorgenfri, the film mainly focuses on a family unit of four. Dino (Troels Lyby), his wife, Pernille (Mille Dinesen), their teenage son, Gustav (Benjamin Engell) & young daughter, Maj (Ella Solgaard).

Life within the town seems happy if not a bit boring. In particular for Gustav who is pleased to see the teenage Sonja (Marie Hammer Boda) move in. While we see the characters interact with their neighbours in the background, events are already unfolding.

What We Become 2

News reports of an illness that seems to have spread from a local old people’s home. A child at a street party getting violently sick. An elderly neighbour’s husband just disappearing after his wife thought he had died. Eventually things continue to worsen.

It’s not long before the community are being instructed to stay indoors & to report any sign of illness. Suspicion & paranoia begins to run rampant as even the slightest cough could mean the difference between life & death.

What We Become 3

The army moves in sealing off the town completely & begin house to house checks on a daily basis. Rationing of food & water becomes necessary. The family forced to spend most of their time in darkness as the houses are covered up with black tarp.

Dino & Pernille willingly go along with the soldier’s instructions but Gustav is not so easily swayed. After sneaking out & witnessing several odd events that look like the army are just rounding up people & killing them, he decides to intervene. Gustav in his desperation to help opens up all the lorries that are transporting prisoners.

What We Become 4

He quickly runs off after being spotted by a guard but it’s too late…the lorries are open & the walking dead are free.

What We Become is a hell of a zombie movie, one that reminds you of just how helpless you’d be if such an event occurred. The survival of the excellent acted characters are all that matters & in their most desperate moments you can’t blame them for their actions as you might very well do the same.

What We Become 5

No-one can be faulted here, the development of each individual (including minor players) ensures you care completely about what happens to them. You want to see them survive, you want to see them fighting against impossible odds & it makes the final 10 minutes such an enthralling watch.

Some might think it’s boring & the reality is you have to be willing to see this as a psychological horror as much as it is a flesh-eating zombie virus horror. It mixes the two perfectly so that when the gore & zombie violence does occur it’s even more shocking.

What We Become 6

In conclusion, don’t be mistaken. What We Becomes has plenty of gore when it decides it’s time for you to see that. Just be patient…it’s worth it.


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What We Become
  • The Final Score - 9/10

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