Game Review: Chubby Hurdles (Mobile – Free to Play)

Chubby Hurdles is a free to play mobile game that sees you controlling the jumps of a fat kid as you attempts to clear hurdles to reach a high score & a doughnut at the end of the course.

The kid runs slowly towards a hurdle & you need to time your jumps perfectly to get over them. Pressing the screen once will see him jump, twice for a double jump & a third for one final push to clear the hurdle.

Chubby Hurdles 1

Clear 3 hurdles per day & reach the doughnut resulting in the kid getting bigger & slower making it harder to jump. It’s simple gameplay with one fatal flaw…it’s very difficult.

It took me over 20 tries to clear the very first hurdle. Your jumps need to be perfect, too quick & you’ll hit the hurdle. Too slow & he will come crashing down on it having run out of jumps. It’s not fun, in fact it’s incredibly frustrating.

The only replay value comes in setting a high score & even that is done poorly.

Chubby Hurdles 2

The game is free to play & comes with no in-app purchases or ads so is worth a cursory glance at least.


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Chubby Hurdles
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