Horror Movie Review: Webcast (2018)

This is a good one, it doesn’t always make sense, is a little to long in places and has a disappointing ending but overall, Webcast is a good movie.

The movie surrounds student filmmaker Chloe (Samantha Redford) and her friend Ed (Joseph Tremain). She wants to make a documentary about a member of her family that disappeared 30 years prior. At a party thrown for her grandfather, she attempts to interview the elderly neighbours but doesn’t get much to go on. Everyone seems to want to change the subject surrounding the disappearance.

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Frustrated, the pair try to retrace the events that occurred on that faithful day and while filming at night they are accosted by a hysterical girl who came from a neighbour’s house. Before they can make sense of her ramblings, the neighbours arrive and take the woman back inside.

The next day they offer an explanation that the girl is a recovering drug addict they are trying to help clean up but Chloe is not convinced. She begins to spy on them and starts to notice oddities that include a slew of constant visitors. Including one who goes inside in a wheelchair and comes out walking.

Just what is going on inside the neighbour’s house?

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Webcast is clearly inspired by the found-footage horror The Blair Witch Project but shares more in common with the likes of Rear Window and The Wicker Man.

Yes, this is a found-footage style horror but unlike many other movies that employ this style of filming, here it actually makes sense. The pair are young amateurs secretly trying to capture footage of what they believe to be sinister events occurring. It makes sense so it is far more bearable. Even if it does have many of the usual issues associated with this style.

Where Webcast excels is with its plot and characters. Rooted in believability, it feels real. The concept of odd goings on at the neighbours is something that many can relate too. This is exemplified if you’ve ever lived in a suburb or quiet street. Everyone knows everyone and your business is theirs until you close your front door.

Webcast weaves a creepy tale that drops in plenty of subtle hints but doesn’t ruin its horrifying payoff. The pacing is spot-on, it builds tension impressively and the small cast all do wonderfully.

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As we reach the finale the cracks do start to show a bit. As everything comes rushing at you at once. A moment to reflect on what has been exposed is desperately needed but the film doesn’t give it. The questions that we have aren’t answered fully and the final minute doesn’t reflect the clever story told up to that point. It’s forgivable though as the journey is so exciting. It stays with you afterwards and that in itself makes it worth watching.

  • 7.5/10
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