Horror Movie Review: Unaware (2010)

Unaware is a reminder of just how devoid of originality the found footage sub-genre of horror is. How lazy, uninspired and insipid many of these movies are.

Every so often we might get a surprise and find one that is at least entertaining or makes some sort of logical sense but those are few are far between. Unaware is not one of those films. Instead giving us a yawn-inducing plot, horrendous shaky camera work, maddening decisions by the two leads characters and a pair of actors with about as much chemistry as pieces of wood.

Unaware drags its heels for over an hour then goes for the most insulting ending it could possibly come up with. Stay unaware of Unaware, it’s not worth your time.

The ‘plot’ sees a couple heading out to the country to visit the boyfriend’s grandparents. It’s a surprise visit so when they arrive and no-one is home, he decides they should let themselves in and stay anyway. As you do.

Of course, he’s got his camcorder with him because he wants to film the entire trip. As you do. There is an attempt to explain this piece of idiot writing by the boyfriend planning to propose and capture it on camera but that is it.

Found footage horror has always struggled to explain why characters are filming all the time but few have put in such little effort as Unaware does.

It’s not long before the pair get bored (as do we) so the boyfriend heads off to go check out the barn. Exciting stuff, right!? Well, as a child he was banned from going near it and with Gramps away, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to snoop around.

What the pair discover is something that doesn’t just make them question what they know but would have ramifications for everyone on Earth.

It’s aliens.

One of which you finally see at the end as it scoots about in the background in what is the best moment of this drab movie. Why is it the best moment of the movie? Simply because it looks so terrible, you’ll burst out laughing.

Nothing happens in this snorefest for over an hour and then when things do start to happen all the found footage tropes come out to ruin any potential for entertainment. You know the deal; characters running while holding a camera, unfocused shots, horrid sound, bright lights…basically visual torture.

Every time we think we’ve seen the worst that found footage has to offer, something like Unaware comes along to remind us that the minefield is still very much active.


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