Horror Movie Review: The Jurassic Dead (2018)

The Jurassic Dead also known as Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead or Zombiesaurus is one of those films that looks like it was made for a couple of quid. The kind of film that found its cast by throwing a rock into a busy shop and who it hit, got hired. The kind of film you’d expect to pop up on SyFy. It comes from the makers of Tsunambee. If that’s not enough to convince you of the low quality then I don’t know what will.

Yes, The Jurassic Dead is terrible but here’s the thing…it knows that so doesn’t try to be anything but absurd. That’s far from a reason to praise it, in fact there isn’t many reasons to praise it but the clear enthusiasm might win you over.

Jurassic Dead 2

First things first, ignore the covers you might have seen. The promises of a zombified T-Rex causing chaos in an American City never materialises. Instead the majority of The Jurassic Dead takes place inside a bland looking silo in the middle of the desert and the T-Rex? Well, it’s a bit small. However, in a stunning turn of events it is not a CGI beast!

Jurassic Dead 3

The characters are a bare-bones mix of college-aged teens that say ‘bro’ way too much and the most generic black ops/army/special team ever. Names don’t matter and the only ones that stand out are the Duke Nukem style leader.

While bad a lot of the time, the acting has its moments considering the silly plot. One that sees a mad scientist plot to unleash his zombie creation on the world. No-one’s going to be putting this on their CV especially when it comes to the hilariously awkward ‘emotional’ scenes.

Jurassic Dead 4

Movies like this are as common as the cold especially when a big budget film arrives (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom anyone?). Most of the time they’re completely worth ignoring and while The Jurassic Dead doesn’t change that, it at least tries to be fun with such a silly concept.

More watchable then you’d expect. That’s praise, right?

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The Jurassic Dead
  • The Final Score - 3.5/10
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