Album Review: Hænesy – Katruzsa (Self Released)

Atmospheric post-black metal band, Hænesy formed in the summer of 2017 after lead member of the project, Henrik wanted to turn his black metal/ambient black themes into something bigger. After releasing an EP titled ‘Mortals’ in 2017, the project added more band members and set about preparing for the release of their debut album, Katruzsa.

The album was released on the 20th June 2018.



Ambient post-black metal, when done well, can be some of the most inventive and emotionally effecting music out there. When an artist or band connects with not just the music they’re playing but with the very nature of what they’re trying to say.

This rings true for the debut release of Hænesy. Six tracks, 50 minutes long; Katruzsa has a raw and underground sound to it but one that conjures up images of soft morning light, nature and forgotten secrets buried deep below. While there is a lot of focus on a the ambient melodies, soft strumming and feelings of peacefulness, it’s not lacking in black metal bite.

Katruzsa II begins with a fairly harsh and standard black metal riff before the ambient effects pick up and take over. Katruzsa III goes for a more subtle approach with strumming bass before taking things a extra step up with morose black metal heaviness. The highlight of the record comes next. Up to this point Hænesy have been lacking something extra to really make them stand out. That something comes on Katruzsa IV. Getting the combo of tight guitar melody with a hint of echo in it, momentary roars of fury from the vocals and sudden tempo increases that make this feel more epic then any other track on the record.

Katruzsa V and VI finish things off. The former a bit of a disappointment following on from such a top tune. Although for those wanting a heavier sound, it focuses more on a bleak and darker style. While the latter works hard to ensure you remember the name of Hænesy with its sweet melodic tones and fiery drum beat.

All in all, a good album. At times it can be called a great album!

Hænesy 1

Hænesy – Katruzsa Full Track Listing:

1. Katruzsa I
2. Katruzsa II
3. Katruzsa III
4. Katruzsa IV
5. Katruzsa V
6. Katruzsa VI

You can pick up the album now via Bandcamp and find out more about the project on Facebook.


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Hænesy - Katruzsa (Self Released)
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