Horror Movie Review: My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3 (2012)

Wrapping up a surprisingly decent series of slasher horror films is the third & final part of My Super Psycho Sweet 16. Once again starring Lauren McKnight as perpetual survivor/final girl Skye & set two years after the events of Part Two.

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Sweet 16 1

Skye is on her way to college with her new friend, Sienna (Jillian Rose Reed) when she receives a call from her sister, Alex (Kirsten Prout). Now this will come as no surprise to anyone who watched the last film as that ending implied she was going to want revenge on Skye for the death of her family.

Sweet 16 3

What is a surprise though is the fact that they’ve not spoken or seen each other since the events of that film. Skye is naturally suspicious about the call & initially refuses an invite to go & see Alex to talk. This is why I like Skye’s character. Other than being a badass female lead she is also no idiot. She suspects that Alex has an ulterior motive but inevitably gives into guilt & Sienna telling her to wrap up this loose end before moving on with her life.

It should be noted that technically she is still in a relationship with Brigg (Chris Zylka) but aside from a brief chat via webcam  at the start & a small cameo at the end, he’s never seen again. Hardly disappointing as he was the most lacklustre part of the second movie.

Sweet 16 4

So, Skye heads off to Alex’s grandparents place against her better judgement & as viewers the expectation is it’s all part of a plan for Alex to get her revenge. Which is exactly what it is…eventually. Oh, the movie tries to throw you off the scent by introducing Nathan (Ryan Sypek) as a crazed super-fan of Charlie Rotter but it’s so obvious he’s in cahoots with Alex!

That would be fine if it made sense as to why she also invited her friends & had them killed! Sure, you can pretend that it’s to give Skye the impression of a sweet 16 party but that was clearly so unnecessary. She waited two years so she could do it on her sweet 16th birthday!? Really!?

Sweet 16 2

What a colossal disappointment this final part of the trilogy is. Lazy, uninspired & with a group of characters that are so underdeveloped & unlikable you won’t care in the slightest about them. Even Skye feels like she’s taken a few steps back here! The plot is absurd lacking the finesse seen so far resulting in a rushed & boring mess.

Sweet 16 5

You can’t help but feel that MTV may not have wanted to even do this third movie in the end but went ahead with a lower budget. How else can you explain such a terrible bunch of actors? Even Lauren McKnight looks bored having to do this yet again. The one shining light is Kirsten Prout who is hilariously villainous when she reveals her true intentions. It’s not enough to save the movie though.

As a wrap-up of the trilogy it doesn’t even have great gory scenes to look forward too & the sister versus sister finale falls flat. A fist fight in the rain is done in slow motion with embarrassingly over the top music making it feel like you’re watching 300 or something! It lacks tension & is dragged out even though it’s only 83 minutes long.

A real pity.


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My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3
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