Horror Movie Review: Storm Warning (2007)

Horror would have you believe that everyone in Australia is out to kill you. Don’t get lost and ask help from a stranger because they’re likely to attack, torture and kill you. Wolf Creek is one example of a resounding successful set that has a killer hunting innocent people in the outback.

However, unlike that set of films and the TV series, Storm Warning takes place on a marshy island.

Directed by Jamie Blanks, the husband and wife duo of Rob (Robert Taylor) and Pia (Nadia Farés) get lost while out on a boating excursion. A storm arrives out of nowhere forcing the pair to seek shelter on the island.

Storm 3

They come across a derelict looking house but inside they find signs that people are living there. The residents aren’t home right now and while looking around, Rob discovers the barn is housing a huge amount of marijuana. He has the sense to realise this is likely to mean trouble but before they can go anywhere, the owners come home.

Storm 4

A pair of redneck brothers, Jimmy (David Lyons) and Brett (Mathew Wilkinson) naturally treat the couple with suspicion but agree to let them stay the night. It’s not an ideal situation for Rob and Pia but with no outside communication and the storm hitting hard, they have no choice.

They should have taken their chances outside though as the brothers are a sadistic pair and set about torturing the couple. However, they’re nothing compared to their father, Poppy (John Brumpton).

Storm 5

The only hope the couple have to survive is to do everything the psychos want and wait for a chance. No matter how slim it seems.

The best advice that can be given to anyone wanting to watch Storm Warning is to get through the opening. Get through the filler and lengthy boating scenes. Clearly extended to pad out the run-time. Get through that and Storm Warning transforms into a pretty good horror film.

Its story isn’t original in anyway and it doesn’t offer any fresh ideas. However, it is a tension-filled movie that will have most on the edge of their seat. We can thank the great cinematography, excellent performances and tension-enhancing music for that.

Storm 6

Storm Warning is shot wonderfully and it really gets across the filth and grime of the house and redneck characters. Not just the interiors of the house but the exteriors and island location.

Then we have the acting. There isn’t a bad performance in this movie. Robert Taylor and Nadia Farés are likeable and believable as husband and wife. So much so that when the latter starts to fight back, it’s so exciting and you might find yourself cheering along.

However, it’s the redneck characters that most will remember. David Lyons is outstanding as a terrifying psycho. While Mathew Wilkinson is more reserved and under the control of his brother but equally horrid.

Storm 7

John Brumpton’s Poppy doesn’t get screen time until the movie is halfway over but his character is the worst. The way his sons cower before him and the disdain he has for Rob and Pia makes him the vilest of all three. These are villains that you will be desperate to see get their comeuppance, well written and impressively acted.

Storm 8

Finally, the music deserves serious praise too. It is used to great effect making certain scenes even more tense then before.

Storm Warning is a great movie provided you can get through the very slow start and can overlook the very familiar story. It’s worth it though.


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Storm Warning
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