Horror Book Review: Of Blood and Water (Jack Gilbert)

A compelling story with many twists and turns, Jack Gilbert’s Of Blood and Water is a gripping read that mixes real life family issues with ancient malevolent evil.

The book stars Danny, a man who has had his shares of ups and downs, particularly in his childhood. A violent and dominant father has left him doubtful of his own abilities to be a good role-model. Something that really bothers him as he tries to play step-father to the young boy Sean.

The lad needs a strong man like Danny, especially as his real father exited the scene after hitting his mother one too many times.

Danny’s struggle is greater then just proving to himself and Sean that he can be a good father though. His bloodline is cursed. A demonic force exists in his family’s veins and it has now been awakened. It needs Danny to complete its rebirth and will stop at nothing to finish what it started many, many years before.

The debut novel of Jack Gilbert, Of Blood and Water is a story that stays with you long after the last page has been turned. We have a set of credible and interesting characters, each with their own layered stories. Believable issues routed in real world events and locations (little Britain) and a supernatural force that seems unstoppable.

All of it combines to make for a thrilling read. One that sees the frantic climax fly by in a blur of pages.

If you like your stories to be graphic and bloody, Of Blood and Water also delivers on that front too. The visceral and violent actions of the demonic force is both other-worldly and realistic. The blood flows like water yet it never feels too much.

The only real negative are the occasional typos that crop up. Hardly a major problem though. We look forward to seeing what Gilbert has next up his sleeve!

Pick it up yourself over on Amazon and keep up to date with Gilbert’s work by following him on Twitter.


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Of Blood and Water (Jack Gilbert)
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