Horror Movie Review: Space Clown (2016)

Written and directed by Graham Skipper (who also stars in the movie), Space Clown is one of the many clown horrors that have popped up since the success of the new IT adaption. Released on VOD by Wild Eye, it’s a campy, low-budget tongue in cheek horror that is clearly inspired by the cult classic, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Whether you think that’s good thing or not is entirely up to you.

Did I mention it’s a found footage too?

Space Clown 3

Skipper (Graham Skipper) has a fancy new camera and decides to film himself doing mundane day to day tasks. All very boring and uninteresting but it gives us some insight into the life of Skipper, a normal everyday man.

He finally manages to capture something interesting when he is out one night. He sees something fall from the sky and crash into his back garden. What is it? Just a psycho killer clown from outer space!

Played by Josh LaCasse, the clown is a wise-cracking character, one that bears similarities to Killjoy. His antics are off the wall and he enjoys playing with his victims, in particular Skipper.

Space Clown 5

Detach your mind because Space Clown is a braindead movie, one that is way more unappealing on paper then it is in reality. Now, this is not a good movie in the traditional sense but it does provide entertainment. It would have been better had it not been a found-footage as it suffers from many of the problems we get with that style. It’s not unwatchable but it does get frustrating.

A shame because while the visual effects aren’t amazing, there are some interesting uses of lighting and some well-done shots. It’s not an unprofessional mess, something you’re kind of expecting when you first go in.

Space Clown 4

Then we have the cast. Graham Skipper was a busy man and it shows with some of his acting but for the most part he’s pretty good. His character is likeable enough. While Josh LaCasse is great as the clown, throwing out many a pun that will make you groan. Fun, silly and over the top. Exactly the way it should be. The rest of the cast aren’t worth mentioning though as the undeveloped characters result in some obviously forced interactions and dialogue.

Space Clown 2

Space Clown is just about a recommended watch even though it’s disappointing to not have some great gory deaths. The story is simple and moves at a decent enough pace to not bore.

Space Clown
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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