Horror Movie Review: Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor (2012)

Originally supposed to be released back in the early 90s. Double Helix Films, the film’s production company, went bankrupt during this time, causing the production to shut down. In 2012 the footage that was shot was complied and added to archive footage from the previous three films.

Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is not a movie. It is 99% a clip show showing the events of the previous three films with the occasional shot of a woman in a bikini sunbathing.

Sleepaway Camp IV 2

Only once before have I seen a horror sequel do this and that was Puppet Master: The Legacy. That movie tried to make sense of the convoluted series up to that point but at least threw in a little bit of new story too. Sleepaway Camp IV does not even try to do that.

Calling this Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor is a disgraceful attempt to trick fans of the series so far into picking this up. It implies it is the next in the series and suggests it might be based around a character who has survived one of Angela’s murderous rampages or maybe even Angela herself!

Sleepaway Camp IV 3

There is almost nothing to review. You can read our individual reviews of the series so far below:

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You can’t even say that this is a good movie to bring you up to speed with the series so far as it is done in a haphazard way making it difficult to follow. It jumps between clips from the films with no rhyme or reason and in no particular order.

The narrator (the woman in the bikini) talks with this air of gravity that doesn’t actually exist while staring off into space. She doesn’t have much to do but she is still awful at it. Who is she? How does she know so much? Who is she talking too? Why is the final scene a shot of her holding a knife? Why does this exist?

Sleepaway Camp IV 4

It’s not like the series was going to be taking off afterwards. Instead there is just one more film called Return to Sleepaway Camp.

A pointless watch and even worse, deceptive with a title like that.

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Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor
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