Game Review – House of Slendrina (Mobile – Free to Play)

Slendrina is back. This time you need to find out the secret of Slendrina by exploring her house and finding out who she really is. But be careful. She is more evil than usual. Try to find 8 pieces of a picture to open a key cabinet. Once opened, head down to the cellar to find out the secret. If you dare. This is House of Slendrina.

This review is specific to version 1.2.5

You probably will dare, to be fair. Not much point in playing the game is you won’t dare venture into the cellar. Still, Slendrina, or specifically House of Slendrina, is another in a pretty hefty collection of games brought to us by developer Dennis Vukanovic. He is a very famous game developer within the mobile games environment. Most famously he brought us the absolute smash hit, Granny. You can read our thoughts on that here.

As well as Granny, he is the brains behind many, many Slendrina games including Slendrina The Cellar, which we have reviewed here. The premise of all his games, Granny or Slendrina, are quite straight forward but effective. You play in a first person view, walking around a dark house/cellar/asylum etc… As you explore, trying to find your way out, you will have to collect keys/books/chests and the like to enable your escape.

As you walk around in the gloom, Granny or Slendrina, depending on the game you are playing, will appear out of nowhere and you either, run or turn away from her to avoid taking damage.

A simple premise with simple gameplay but oftne those games are the best. Especially when on the small screen mobile phone. What really works about these games is the clever level design and the feeling of dread instilled within. That was present in Granny, was present in Slendrina the Cellar and is present in House of Slendrina.

So, this time round you are looking for eight pieces of a picture that, once found will allow you to look inside a closet that will reveal Slendrina’s origin. Getting that far isn’t easy though. The house is large, the pieces are well scattered and well hidden. Many are behind locked areas that require you to find keys to open first. All while Slendrina is stalking you, appearing on screen out of nowhere and, at least occasionally, making you jump.

The game looks good, a little too dark in some areas, but is creepy with lots of good light and shadow effects. Creaking doors and steps add a little more of the tension factor in. House of Slendrina is a solid addition to the franchise and will provide a decent amount of entertainment while having just enough to make you jump a few times. You get one life per play through and three different difficulty levels. Easy, Medium and Hard. The difficulty appears to affect how quickly you die when faced with Slendrina only.

Musically, it is sound with little eerie piano melodies making up the title and load screens. It adds to the atmosphere well. There are no in game advertisements though, when you die, there is a 30 second unskippable one before you can try again. You do also get the option to continue your game once in exchange for watching another ad.

Like other games from Vukanovic, House of Slendrina is well made with a nice challenge to it. The ads are fair and do not affect your gameplay whatsoever. There is enough horror, in the forms of jump scares to make you jump occasionally if you are fully immersed. The story is pretty weak but the gameplay is fun. House of Slendrina is well worth a few hours of your time.

House of Slendrina is available on Apple and Android now.

House of Slendrina (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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