Album Review: Lord – Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men (Heavy Hound Records)

Lord returns with their fifth and final album, Desperation Finds Hunger in all Men out on August 24th 2018 on digital platforms, as well as a digipack CD-R edition via Heavy Hound Records.

Lord 2

Defying expectations by creating a beast that combines the down-tuned heaviness of sludge with the ferocity of thrash/death metal. An air of desperation about No Sunrise on the Third gets the album up and rolling with huge riffs before Scorched shows some exciting progressive elements.

The unconventional style of Lord’s sound continues into the mind-bending Nature Knows No Kings, a track that is uncontrolled wildness making it one of the more uncomfortable tracks to listen too.

The ship rights itself with the thumping heavy rhythm of At First I Didn’t Believe It, the groovy sludge beat of La Fleur du Cobalt (a track that passes the 10 minute mark!) before Whispering Snakes thrills with a wicked combo of clean vocals and rough chunky riffs.

Again, refusing to stick to a safe formula, Mutilation Rights delivers a lengthy epic that curls and coils around the mind with dirty thrash based sludge and progressive sharpness. Perhaps though, the most impressive track of the album, comes at the end with This Lonesome Linger.

Unfortunately this will be the last release of Lord as they have made the decision to disband playing their final show on August 4th 2018.

Lord 1

Lord – Desperation Finds Hunger in all Men Full Track Listing:

1. No Sunrise on the Third
2. Scorched
3. Nature Knows No Kings
4. At First I Didn’t Believe It
5. La Fleur du Cobalt
6. August 11, 2017
7. Whispering Snakes
8. Mutilation Rights
9. Have a Look for Yourself
10. This Lonesome

You can order the album now via Bandcamp and Heavy Hound Records. Find out more about them on Facebook.

Lord - Desperation Finds Hunger In All Men (Heavy Hound Records)
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