Horror Movie Review: [Rec 3]: Genesis (2012)

[Rec] 3: Genesis is the third movie in the zombie/possession series & one that is a massive departure from the style of the first two films. ]Rec] 1 & 2 were both found-footage films set mostly within an apartment block in Spain. [Rec 3] also takes place in Spain but instead focuses on the nearby wedding of Clara & Koldo.

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The first 20 minutes follow the found-footage formula. We see the wedding through the camera lense of Adrian, a wedding photographer & different camera & phone footage. It’s a lovely event & helps build the main characters up nicely. You’ll instantly like Clara, Koldo, their family & friends.

This is also where the inevitable zombie outbreak is hinted at as we meet Adrian’s uncle who has a bite mark on his hand. It came from a dog at the local vet. While it’s not explicitly stated, it’s safe to say that this is the same dog that the young girl owned in the first movie.

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It’s instantly depressing to see this & know what’s going to happen especially as everyone is in good spirits. The reception is a hell of a party, everyone is enjoying themselves, everyone except for the uncle who is a bit worse for wear. Mistaken for being drunk he falls off a balcony causing panic & instant calls for medical attention.

However as his wife checks on him he gets back up & promptly rips a chunk out of her neck with his teeth. Shocked, the rest of the guests back away from him but they are all suddenly attacked by more zombies coming in from the outside.

Chaos erupts as everyone panics. Koldo is separated from Clara during the madness & dragged to safety in the kitchen alongside a few others. They barricade the door leading to my favourite moment in all of found footage horror.

Koldo turns to see Adrian still filming. He tells him to stop but Adrian insists that people need to know what happened here. Koldo looks furious, tells him he is stupid & smashes the camera. It’s the most realistic & sensible reaction & results in a change of filming styles that divides fans of the series.

[Rec] 3 becomes a proper movie. Slickly filmed, gone is the shaky camera found-footage with only a very brief night vision section present afterwards. It’s quite a shocking departure but results in a far superior movie.

You see [Rec] 3 is a love story, a character driven film. It’s all about Clara & Koldo reuniting taking place in the midst of a zombie outbreak. Their story is what makes [Rec] 3 such an entertaining movie to watch. It’s an emotional ride with many ups & downs, much blood letting & some tongue in cheek humour.

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[Rec] 3 is a departure from the series so far in regards to the filming style but also with it’s light comedy & action elements. That’s not to suggest that it’s light in the horror department, far from it. The blood flows here, often nasty & visceral looking. There are some big moments that chill such as Koldo walking back through the ballroom hours after the zombies first attacked. That scene is utter carnage & a reminder that lives have been torn apart.

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[Rec 3]: Genesis’ crowning moment though is with its ending. An ending that is exciting, tense, emotional & comforting all at once. The film has its faults & I’m still not convinced by the possession side of things that were introduced in [Rec] 2. However they are minor when held up against the good story, stellar acting & great visuals.


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