Horror Movie Review: Patient Seven (2016)

Patient Seven is a horror anthology with only three really memorable things about it. The wrap around story, the lovely visuals and the acting. There are some great performances here.

The almost always brilliant, Michael Ironside plays a psychiatric doctor who has come to interview some of the worst patients currently incarcerated at an asylum. His methods are unusual but he gets results. It’s through his conversations with these patients that each segment is introduced.

Patient Seven 2

A clever idea, it is then a pity that some of segment feel so unoriginal. As well as quite cheesy at times (the dialogue not helping matters). The seven segments begin with ‘The Visitant’. The patient in question having killed her mother to protect herself from a supposed demonic presence. A very strong start that seems to link to mental health more then anything. Sadly it drops in quality thanks to some poor CGI.

Patient Seven 3

The Body follows and is the standout story of the anthology. Starring Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones) as a killer looking to dispose of the body of his victim on Halloween night. Able to blend in, he drags the wrapped body down the street where he runs into party-goers who love his ‘costume’. It’s going to be a long night for him. A fabulous short, Allen is simply brilliant and the tongue in cheek humour works so well.

Patient Seven 4

Patient three and four are forgettable. The former a zombie story about a woman who is betrayed by her boyfriend during the end times and the latter about a young girl going to get lengths to save money to buy a shovel. Of the two, it’s this one that is a bit better thanks to some funny moments.

The anthology seems to be losing its way until we reach patient six who reveals himself as vampire hunter who has been stalking and killing the blood-suckers in search of the head vampire. This leads to the finale and a reveal with the final patient that ties everything together in surprising but satisfying fashion!

Patient Seven 5

A great reveal, it makes you question everything you’ve seen so far in an almost dreamlike fashion and lets Michael Ironside really ham it up! The final few lines, while cheesy as heel are delivered in such a way you can’t help but smile.

Patient Seven 6

Great acting and some really decent cinematography holds Patient Seven together well enough. Not enough of the segments hit to make it a really great anthology but the wrap around story and the likes of The Body are recommended watching!

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Patient Seven
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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