Album Review: Nasty – Heartbreak Criminals (Century Media Records)

In the wake of society’s continued unrest, Belgian/German hardcore outfit Nasty are here to give us more “Fucked up music for a fucked up world.” Their ninth studio album, Heartbreak Criminals, is due for release September 8th via Century Media Records.

Nasty times call for nasty bands, and as far as hardcore goes in modern times, it doesn’t get much nastier than Nasty. The hardcore heavyweights seem to be getting angrier and more intense as they go on, and Heartbreak Criminals is an exceptional reflection of their mindset in 2023.

This thirteen-track album (including an intro) is the sound of a band absolutely raging, as we’ve come to expect from Nasty. Yet, there’s something more here. A thick vein of progression and purpose that captures the imagination in a way not heard yet. Nasty, for all their hardcore heaviness want to showcase that they are a metal band through and through too. Sure, you can two-step to just about everything here, but if you’re more into head-banging then you’ll find tons of reasons to give yourself neckache.

A haunting intro leads directly into the stompy ferocity of Roses, before Nasty gives everyone listening a harsh Reality Check. The first part of this latter track is eye-wateringly fast. It comes at the listener with honesty, but undiluted aggression. Something that also applies to the album as a whole, as Nasty are a ‘heart on the sleeve’ kind of band and each track is kept short and punchy.

Only two tracks; the stunning title track that features some anthemic clean vocals and the groovy, garish, and gargantuan hardcore noise of Kiss from A Rose, pass the three-minute mark. Funny enough, these two are also arguably the most accessible tracks on the entire album. Nasty are clearly making sure they aren’t going to pigeon-holed.

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If you’re after nothing but heavy and fast intensity though, fear not, the majority is based in that. Tracks like Total Domination, Resurrection, More Fire, Nobody Cares, and Playing with Fire will crack heads and break bones. It’s the f**king percussion. When Nasty hit, they hit hard as hell.

By time the final two tracks arrive, Declaring War and Chaos, most will be spent but more than willing to use the last dregs of energy to go wild to two more ‘in your face’ slices of nastiness. Nasty end the album as they begun, with unmitigated fury and intensity.

Nasty – Heartbreak Criminals Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Roses
3. Reality Check
4. 911
5. Total Domination
6. Heartbreak Criminals
7. Resurrection
8. More Fire
9. Nobody Cares
10. Don’t Play with Fire
11. Kiss From a Rose
12. Declaring War
13. Chaos


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Nasty - Heartbreak Criminals (Century Media Records)
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