Horror Movie Review: Paranormal: White Noise (2018)

The writers for Paranormal: White Noise must have come up with the concept after a discussion regarding how to make the already tired paranormal genre of horror even more boring. If that was their aim, they succeeded as this is 90-minutes of sleep-inducing, unoriginal content.

Paranormal: White Noise (also known as The Sound) is the directorial debut of Jenna Mattison. It features a cast that include Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd and Michael Eklund. Some big names who all clearly signed on for the pay check only.

White Noise 2

Kelly (Rose McGowan) is a supernatural skeptic who debunks paranormal sightings using low frequency sound-waves then posts about it online using hilariously bad hash-tags. She gets a message about an abandoned subway that is supposed to be haunted so decides to go check it out.

Kelly gets into the abandoned part of the subway by simply opening a door & begins to explore coming across a few random people who also hang out down there. For being an abandoned place, she sure runs into a lot of people!

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After a lot of exploring and nothing happening she settles down with her equipment to see what she can find.

Paranormal: White Noise is one of the most boring modern horrors in a long time. Its run time does not warrant just how little happens & you’ll spend more time thinking up far more interesting theories for what is going on then the film delivers. It lacks so little in the way of punches and those looking to be creeped out will be sorely disappointed.

It’s almost hilarious just how vague plot points are when half the movie is made up of Kelly just walking around, shining a light at things and posting online. Several big questions are not answered and there is little reason to care about filling in the blanks.

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A major problem of this film is the cast. No-one puts any effort in coming across bored and desperate to get through it as quickly as possible. Which will be exactly what you will feel.

The film slowly drags its heels to what should be a frantic finale but instead offers a ‘reveal’ that is forehead-slappingly stupid. It’s in no way satisfying and the best moment comes when the credits finally rolling.


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Paranormal: White Noise
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