Horror Movie Review: Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection (2012)

In an unsurprising turn of events, director James Plumb takes George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead & makes a mockery of it with a horrid version set in rural Wales.

Quite simply one of the most sleep-inducing attempts to re-imagine the horror classic. Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection commits the cardinal sin of horror, it’s so boring. A major flaw in a movie that is filled with them.

Resurrection 2

Set almost entirely in an isolated farm house in Wales, a family come under attack from the newly risen walking dead.

Looking more like a college-student project, Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection is a super low-budget, shoddily made movie. It looks as though it might have been filmed on a mobile phone & it’s attempts to capture the claustrophobic style of the original just results in far too many horrible close-ups.

Resurrection 3

The characters are hilariously forgettable, played poorly with some absolutely cringe-inducing dialogue. Sub-plots about sick family members & affairs attempt to pad out the runtime of this dour flick but all they do is drag it even deeper into the murky waters of crap.

The supposed homages to the Romero classic fall so flat that it’s almost deserving of a YouTube style montage involving people saying ‘ouch’ as they watch. The fresh spin that we’re expecting to see never really materialises baring one, just one moment early on.

Resurrection 4

One decent moment in a near 90-minute movie does not equate to a quality film. There is nothing to recommend here. The zombies, when they do show up look awful & the gore is extremely disappointing.

The best thing about Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection is that it’s a grand reminder of just how great Romero’s original zombie horror is.

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Night of the Living Dead: Resurrection
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