Horror Movie Review: Medusa (2020)

Medusa, otherwise known as Medusa: Queen of the Serpents is familiar territory for those who have seen their fair share of films from Scott Chambers’ Jagged Edge Productions. Familiar in style, familiar when it comes to budgetary restraints, and familiar cast members.

This isn’t a knock though as there have been plenty of good films from Jagged Edge Productions and their role in the film industry can only ever be seen as a good thing.

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However, while there have been plenty of good films from Jagged Edge Productions, there have been plenty of bad ones. You really never know what you’re going to get, quality-wise, when it comes to one these films.

So, one what side of the fence does Medusa land?

Directed by Matthew B.C., with a story co-written by him alongside Scott Chambers. The story surrounds Carly, played by Megan Purvis. A former prostitute with a drug addiction, forced to return to that life following an abusive relationship.

She’s working for her pimp Jimmy (Thomas Beatty) and moves back to a caravan site run by madam Val (Nicola Wright). Where the other women, in particular her friend Simone (Sarah T. Cohen) are glad to see her back, but are worried about her and her battle with addiction.

Jimmy doesn’t care though, and puts her work soon after arriving at the site. She is sent to a client, one with a snake called Alexis that ends up biting her. This causes a chain of events that sees Carly begin to transform into something else. Something ancient and powerful.

It’s Medusa. I mean, it is the title of the film, so it’s hardly a surprise. What is a surprise though is the direction that Medusa takes when it comes to story-telling. It is a horror film, with plenty of horror-based antics, but this is a film with deeper messages about the sex industry, addiction, female empowerment, and more. It’s not what you commonly expect from a Jagged Edge Productions film, and it makes for a much more compelling watch.

A lot of this lands at the feet of the actors though, and there are some outstanding performances here from a familiar cast who often impress. Megan Purvis, in particular, is always a delight to watch, but really ups her game here. As does the likes of Sarah T. Cohen and Nicola Wright. You just don’t expect such strong performances from a film like this, but everyone does great here.

Which is credit to the writing and directing too, with the film moving at a nice and snappy pace, but always allowing the characters to shine. Overall, it’s one of the better Jagged Edge Productions efforts and shows what can be done with a low budget and plenty of talent.


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Medusa (2020)
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