Album Review: Calcine – Common Love Common Nausea (Church Road Records)

Parisian hardcore band Calcine will release their brand-new album ‘Common Love Common Nausea’ via Church Road Records on June 21st, 2024.

Hardcore, but with heart and soul, Calcine are all about that ‘two-stepping’ life, but they also want to draw attention to topics such as social oppression and the decaying world. That being said, if you just want to go a little wild to some hardcore heaviness without giving it much thought, you won’t be left wanting by Common Love Common Nausea.

Although the hip-hop infused intro of Attack to Win doesn’t immediately scream an album of intensity, even if the vocals are being roared out. That intensity arrives with 23:11, and the aggression in Calcine’s sound is unmistakable. Yet, there’s more to this track than just angry heaviness, notable when we get sections of straight-up metal instrumentation.

The following Back to Fight unleashes hell though. A filthy and stompy track, Calcine bring the noise with this one. Snarling and spitting ferocity that moves through various tempos, but always keeps the anger at the forefront. One of the meanest sounding tracks on the album. Although the following set of scorching bangers; Autopsie, Target, and Maleviolence certainly prove to be no slouches in that regard either.

How about the most ‘no-nonsense hardcore rager’ of the album? It’s Amnesic and it’s Calcine hoping to spill some blood. They’re going to get what they want, because the moment the breakdown hits, there’s no hope for anyone. It’s over quickly, but the best kinds of furious hardcore sounds often are.

Which also applies to the album as a whole. Calcine returning to the hip-hop vibes with Des vies à bout, before cracking skulls and breaking jaws with the finale of Parasite. Hardcore has a new name to champion. Merci Beaucoup.

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Calcine – Common Love Common Nausea Track Listing:

1. Attack to Win
2. 23:11
3. Back to Fight
4. Autopsie
5. Target
6. Maleviolence
7. Amnesic
8. Des vies à bout
9. Parasite


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Calcine – Common Love Common Nausea (Church Road Records)
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