Horror Movie Review: Humans vs Zombies (2011)

Winning the award (the only one it would ever get) for the worst title ever, Humans vs Zombies is exactly what it sounds like. At least that’s what someone living outside of the US might think. Doing a bit of research, it turns out Humans vs Zombies is actually a live-action game predominantly played at US college campuses, where this film takes place.

This is only touched upon briefly in the film and it’s during such a throwaway moment that I thought they were talking about some kind of online multiplayer game. No matter though as it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a low-budget and boring zombie horror.

Humans 2

You know how this goes…a virus runs rampant as one by one students fall victim to the zombie outbreak. The horde of zombies grow larger and larger forcing a group of students to band together to survive.

Will they? Who cares.

We have the lead Danny (Jonah Prior) who is lacking in the ‘talking to girls’ department. He desperately wants to win over his love-interest, Amanda (Melissa Carnell) while his friend, Brad (Chip Joslin) plays the ‘comedic’ relief. These are our main cast along with campus security/conspiracy theory nut, Frank (Frederic Doss). Everyone laughed at Frank but as the horde grows, whose laughing now?

Humans 3

As groups go they’re not the worst with just enough chemistry to keep you slightly engaged. They’re not characters to fall in love with but they’re mostly a likeable bunch and the actors are serviceable considering this just another ‘zombie’ flick.

Which is the major flaw with this film. It’s just another zombie horror, one that really doesn’t try too hard at all. The effects and make-up are standard stuff, the kind of zombie imagery that you might see on someone who went all out at a Halloween party.

Humans 4

Far too many times you’ll find yourself zoning out of the film as it drags its heels leaving you with the unshakeable feeling of boredom. Its best moments come near the end when everything gets a bit more chaotic and frantic. It’s not enough to save this from being a zombie horror not worth watching though.

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Humans vs Zombies
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