Horror Movie Review: House of Evil (2017)

House of Evil is a 2017 horror movie directed by Luca Boni & Marco Ristori. Yeah, it took two people to direct this steaming pile of rubbish, a contender for the worst horror of 2017.

A young couple move into an old & isolated house out in the country hoping to get away from the pressures of the big city. They seem happy & the house seems perfectly accommodating for their respective jobs, an artist & photographer.

Unfortunately for them this house has a dark past (don’t they all?) & as time goes by it begins to have an effect on the couple. Their marriage begins to suffer from the distance between the two of them. An incident from the past rears its ugly head & things just get worse when an unplanned pregnancy occurs.

House of Evil 1

The darkness is closing in & the house’s past is catching up with the present. Will anyone get out alive? The bigger question is will anyone even care?

House of Evil is a terrible rip-off of far better movies like The Amityville Horror & Rosemary’s Baby. It offers nothing new, nothing interesting or fresh within the horror genre. It fact, it’s so lazy & insipid that it’s near offensive. Devoid of any entertaining moments, the plot is embarrassingly basic with massive jumps in time & perceived issues that you never actually see.

A massive jump from pregnancy announcement to 7 months has the supposed effect of distance growing between the couple. However, none of this is shown! It’s just said in a throwaway conversation & as the viewer you’re just expected to buy into this.

House of Evil 2

It’s all been done before & the acting reflects that with bored attempts at changes in character to reflect the houses influences. The problem with this though is the characters never came across as nice people to begin with. As the viewer, you’re left trying to fill in far too many blanks.

None of that would really matter though if the movie had at least some semblance of scares but it fails miserably at that too. The occasional jump scare, figures standing in the background, shapes appearing in photos etc. Boring & uneventful.

House of Evil’s finale is the icing on the cake of an absolute horror show of a movie. Out of nowhere it drops the entire Amityville ripping off to turn into a Rosemary’s Baby clone. This may not have been the worst thing in the world had it bothered to introduce the characters earlier. Instead the priest leading the group had only popped up to drop exposition & the rest hadn’t been seen before. Hardly an impactful ending…

Not just one of the worst movies of 2017 but one of the worst movies of the decade.

House of Evil
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