Horror Movie Review: Frozen Sasquatch (2018)

If you’re expecting horror gold with a movie titled ‘Frozen Sasquatch’, you’ve got no-one but yourself to blame. This is one of those movies that tells you exactly what kind of movie it is with that title.

However, if you need more convincing that Frozen Sasquatch isn’t going to be a good film, just look at the director: Mark Polonia. Does the name ring a bell? Mark, along with his brother John (who sadly passed away in 2008) are responsible for a huge array of straight to video/DVD releases with such titles as Preylien: Alien Predators, Peter Rottentail and Sharkenstein.

In fact, we’ve covered several movies that Mark Polonia has directed including Feeders, Feeders 2: Slay Bells, Night Crawlers, Amityville: Death House and Amityville Exorcism. A who’s who of terrible horror movies.

Now you could say that just because the director is notorious for no-budget rubbish doesn’t mean Frozen Sasquatch will be bad too. Well, surprise surprise…it is.

It’s bad, really bad for a number of reasons starting with the story.

Frozen Sasquatch 2

A group of scientists capture a yeti and inject it with an experimental drug. One that makes it grow in size and become extremely aggressive. It breaks free and kills the majority of the scientists resulting in a rescue party being dispatched.

The basic synopsis is fine, nothing clever or ground-breaking. However, the way it is told and how much the film expects the viewer to ignore is laughable.

The research base is a remote location in the Himalayas but there isn’t a drop of snow anywhere. Not only that but the building that the majority of the movie takes place in looks like a modern day office block. It couldn’t look any less like a remote base in the mountains.

Frozen Sasquatch 3

That’s nothing though compare to the ‘yeti’. Putting almost no effort in, what we have here is a costume that could have been bought in any cheap Halloween store. It looks incredibly fake and has about as much impact as the weak special effects do. Now, no-one should be expecting top of the range stuff here but these are way below par.

On their own they could have been given a pass because of budget. However, combined with everything else (including acting so bad it stops being funny) it just can’t.

Frozen Sasquatch 4

Frozen Sasquatch continues the bad time I’m having with Mark Polonia’s work. There is nothing to recommend as it just isn’t entertaining in the slightest.

Frozen Sasquatch
  • The Final Score - 1/10
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