Horror Movie Review: Found Footage 3D (2016)

Found Footage 3D is exactly what is says it is. A found footage horror film shot natively in 3D. The first of its kind. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you to decide. For the purpose of this review we didn’t watch it in 3D and to be honest, we really didn’t notice any points where it was obvious that 3D was being employed.

Found Footage 3D 2

Coming in 2016, 3D gimmick aside, it’s hopeful that all the issues that normally plague the found footage style of horror would be avoided here. Surely lessons have been learned and the final third rant by one character about ‘found footage’ isn’t just the film trying to be self-aware.

Well, the good news is that Found Footage 3D is one of the better found footage horrors out there. One with a decent story, some good effects, good acting and logical developments as it goes along.

Found Footage 3D 3

That being said it still has many issues that are associated with the style of horror. Namely shaky camera work, shots where nothing can be seen by the viewer and a finale that drags on a bit too much.

The story is pretty straight-forward. A group of film-makers head off to a remote location to make a movie. Not just any movie though! The first ever 3D found footage horror movie! Something the director doesn’t feel too confident about which brings a few moments of tongue in cheek amusement.

Found Footage 3D 4

Unfortunately for the group the star of their film, an evil entity, starts to turn up in their behind the scenes footage. The line between what is real and what isn’t begins to blur.

The uncomplicated plot allows Found Footage 3D to concentrate on what it is actually good at and that is tension based scares with the occasional effective jump scare. It doesn’t always get it right but when it does, it’s pretty memorable and might even get the odd chuckle of surprise.

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This is helped by good performances all round with characters that are convincing if not a little too ‘meta’ at times. It’s all good and proper having a character rant about the ills of found footage but if the film then proceeds to follow suit it stops being clever. Disappointingly, that is what Found Footage 3D does in the latter stages of its run time.

Found Footage 3D 6

Still, in modern times when it comes to found footage all you can hope is that we get a somewhat decent or entertaining watch and that is what Found Footage 3D is. Certainly not worth raving about but compared to the absolute horror show that is the sub-genre, it stands out from the pack.


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Found Footage 3D
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