Horror Movie Review: Flesh For The Inferno (2015)

Directed by Richard Griffin from a screenplay written by Michael Varrati, Flesh for the Inferno is a cheap, silly, gory and entertaining horror flick. It stars Anna Rizzo, Jamie Dufault, Monica Saviolakis, Jamie Lyn Bagley and Michael Thurber.

The movie begins at a Catholic school where a group of nuns are confronting the head priest about his abuse of a young boy. They give him a choice; turn himself in and repent or they will do it for him. He comes up with another one. Taking a gun, shooting one of them dead and forcing the other three into the basement. There, he elaborately bricks them into the wall, leaving them to die. Though not before the group renounce their faith and swear vengeance.

It’s quite an opening and really gets the blood pumping for what follows.

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Decades after those events, a youth group have arrived at the now-abandoned school with the aim of cleaning it up ready for its gentrification. A group of horror movie characters we’ve seen time and time again, even down to the uber-religious one. They’re here to die though and die they do in quite gory fashion as the nuns are resurrected. Now in league with the devil and doing his bidding.

It’s a story that has an old-school 70s feel to it. Its’s exploitive and plays up to the tropes. Hell, there have been similar killer nun related horror movies before. Flesh for the Inferno might not be original but it is entertaining, provided you can look beyond some poor acting, awful dialogue and cheap effects.

That is a big ask but not impossible because Flesh for the Inferno is snappy and decently paced. Not only that, there’s a liberal amount of blood and guts. Cheap as it is, it’s thrown about and lathered onto the characters with an inordinate amount of glee. Gore hounds will be thoroughly entertained by the sight of a game cast being splattered with buckets of the red stuff or seeing hands burst through chests.

The movie also has some humorous moments and culminates in a fun appearance of the devilish one himself. Think of movies like Demon Wind or Demons and you’re in the right ball park with Flesh for the Inferno.


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Flesh For The Inferno (2015)
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