Album Review: Heilung – Drif (Season of Mist)

The enigmatic collective that is Heilung return with a new sense of ritualistic spectacle with their brand-new album, Drif. Out on August 19th, 2022 via Season of Mist.

Genre-defying and mind-bending primordial, Heilung are as delightfully mysterious as always in this new album. The collective deliver a transcendent and dramatic experience like no other. Imitated but never replicated, Heilung are in a league of their own and Drif is all the proof needed.

An album that oozes emotion and drips with historical value. Where describing the sounds is almost irrelevant as it’s all about how it makes you feel. That is what Heilung do so well. They make you feel. Transporting the mind to ancient places and times, adding weight to the stories they tell through their music and hypnotising listeners. All done through a wealth of influences from around the world.

There are many words that can be used to describe the music that Heilung have to showcase on Drif. Words like ‘primitive’, ‘haunting’, ‘dangerous’, ‘poignant’ and even ‘epic’, yet none can truly do justice to the unique sound that grows and grows throughout Drif’s near-hour runtime. Such is the enigmatic style of the collective, Drif is as unpredictable as it is captivating and it is very, very captivating.

Is this for everyone? Absolutely not. While it does have an inherent emotive quality and leans into darkness on a regular basis, it’s not a ‘metal’ album nor does it have crossover appeal. You’re not likely to be hearing songs from Drif on the radio anytime soon. Yet, those willing to brave it and experience the story-telling of Heilung will surely find themselves invested and fascinated by the experience.

Heilung – Drif Full Track Listing:

1. Asja
2. Anoana
3. Tenet
4. Urbani
5. Keltentrauer
6. Nesso
7. Buslas Bann
8. Nikkal
9. Marduk


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Heilung - Drif (Season of Mist)
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