Horror Movie Review: End of the Line (2007)

Written, produced & directed by Maurice Devereaux, End of the Line is a violent & entertaining horror movie let down by uninteresting characters & suspect acting.

On a late night subway train a group of doomsday cultists all get a pager message. It’s time…they then start slaughtering everyone in sight including the driver. Only a handful of people manage to escape into the tunnels but they are now being hunted by the psychotic group.

End of the Line 1

The cultists believe that the end of the world is coming, that demonic creatures are going to rise up. They think that by killing others they are doing God’s will & delivering them into his arms.

The groups survival now depends on their ability to pull together & their will to live. The cultists can’t be stopped, their will can’t be swayed but unknown to everyone a darkness lurks behind. Something that is far more terrifying then the group of crazies rampaging through the train tunnels.

End of the Line 4

End of the Line is a lot of fun thanks to the over the top cartoonish portrayal of the cult. The way they believe so fervently in what they are doing, the singing, the unbridled joy on their faces as they stab & slaughter their victims is both hilarious & terrifying.

End of the Line 2

The gore & the violence is what makes the movie really stand out though. It’s so visceral & realistic looking, the stabbings are brutal, blows to the head are nasty & one particular sword slashing scene is incredible looking.

Any scene where a character is getting killed is so enjoyable because of the level of brutality involved. It also helps that most of the non-cult characters are forgettable & boring. With bland & uninteresting characters, there is no reason to care about any of them. The most interesting moments being an exchange with a scared teenage cultist & a brutal scene between a husband & wife.

A few of the supporting cast really stink up the screen too with hammy dialogue & terrible reactions. If the boring characters weren’t enough, bad acting just makes things even worse.

End of the Line 5

For most of it’s run-time there is no reason to believe the cultists are anything but a group of crazies. However early on occasional flashes of creatures unseen & the dreams of the lead character suggests otherwise. This isn’t really built upon but does play into the final few moments of the movie. It doesn’t add anything but it doesn’t really take much away either. It’s just a bit of a shoulder shrugging moment.

End of the Line 3

Still, for its flaws, End of the Line has a lot going for it. The violent brutality & the cartoonish cult make for a fun watch.


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