Horror Movie Review: Easter Casket (2013)

Easter Casket might be the best Easter-themed horror or the worst, I really can’t decide. It is absolutely insane, utterly hilariously bad yet so compelling and entertaining.

Written and directed by Dustin Mills. Easter Casket tells the story of Peter Cottentail aka The Easter Bunny who has been summoned. Summoned because the Catholic Church is planning on removing all the bunny and egg symbolism from Easter. The holiday is about Christ and they want to make sure people remember that.

Easter Casket 5

Peter Cottentail is not happy about this so goes on a murderous rampage with the aim of being a god. All while cracking wise in a way that would have Freddy Kruger saying it might be too much.

One of the most impressive things about Easter Casket is the depth it has within its story. Now we’re not talking Shakespeare here but the mix of wild characters, inter-linking plot points and Cottentail himself makes for an incredibly entertaining watch. From the Church being portrayed as futuristic demon hunters under the command of Mega Pope to the true meaning of Easter, the movie has a really engaging story.

However, if you’re after non-stop silliness, you’ll also find that here. From the constant puns, especially from Cottentail, to the egg-shaped bombs and killer chicks, the movie doesn’t take itself seriously at all.

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Of course, it is limited by a low-budget but Dustin Mills can be praised for wringing every last penny out of it. It doesn’t look great at all but it doesn’t matter because it makes up for that in other places.

The goofiness reaches its apex with a finale against a super-sized Easter Bunny which is the icing on the cake of madness that is this movie.

However, it does have some pretty noticeable flaws, the most obvious being the effects. Peter Cottentail is just a handheld puppet and other CGI just looks really cheap. These are so bad it’s easy to see many people being put off from enjoying the movie completely.

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The other major issue, one that some may not really see as one, is the amount of full-frontal female nudity. These scenes are many and some go on for ages. Seriously, not a single woman in this film was shy about taking off their clothes yet when the camera lingers for just a little too long, it starts to come across a little…pervy.

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Still, Easter Casket might be the best Easter horror ever made simply because of how bat-crap crazy it is.

Easter Casket
  • The Final Score - 7/10
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