EP Review: Broken Empire – Fractures (Self Released)

UK Hard Rock/Metal band Broken Empire have released a new 5 track EP called Fractures.

Their second EP, it came out on April 19th 2019. Released independently, the record features five hard-hitting tracks combining the bands unique blend of soaring vocals and riff-driven rhythms.

Broken Empire 2

Coming in at around 22 minutes, there is more then enough mouth-watering hard and heavy rock riffs to enjoy with Fractures. The quartet really shine brightly as they provide listeners with a sexy amount of quality highs.

Opener, Icy Veins has a welcome bit of bark in the vocals while the rest of the instruments batter away with thrumming force. The drums are the highlight of Hearts of Damaged Men, cutting through the fuzz of a tired mind impressively. Although, a pretty strong and fast-paced guitar solo certainly helps too.

Watch it Burn might be a personal favourite though with more metal groove and heavier vocals. This is the track to lose your mind too, a head-bangingly awesome track.

It’s a tough ask for Can’t Speak to follow that but man, does it do well thanks to the top-drawer riff-heavy rhythm. There is a real extra layer of ‘thumpness’ to this track that just sits so nicely on the mind. Credit to the vocals too, sounding even more powerful here.

An excellent EP wraps up with a hyper No More Light. The enthusiasm and energy of Broken Empire glittering brightly.

It might be called Fractures but the pieces of this EP fit together perfectly.

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Broken Empire – Fractures Full Track Listing:

1. Icy Veins
2. Hearts of Damaged Men
3. Watch it Burn
4. Can’t Speak
5. No More Light

All the links to where Fractures can be ordered and listened can be found here or it can be picked up over on BigCartel. Find out more about Broken Empire via their website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Broken Empire - Fractures (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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