Horror Movie Review: Easter Bunny Massacre (2021)

Easter Bunny Massacre aka Easter Killing is an Easter-themed horror slasher that nails so many important aspects but ends up dropping the ‘egg’ with an ending that is just so poor, it undoes much of what came before. Not only that, it leaves some gapping plot holes that you just simply can’t ignore.

Directed by Jack Peter Mundy, written by Sophie Storm K. and staring Sarah T. Cohen, Lee Hancock, Michael Hoad, May Kelly, Genna Loskutnikov, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Tom Nguyen and Antonia Whillans.

Easter Bunny Massacre borrows heavily from the 90’s slasher hit, I Know What You Did Last Summer but substitutes Summer for Easter. Here, a group of young adults are about to head off to college. To celebrate this, the group have headed off into the woods to have a camping party. One that involves drink, drugs and murder. A murder that no-one can remember doing the next morning even though everyone is covered in blood.

Rather then turn themselves in to the authorities, the group decide to get rid of the body and then go their separate ways.

Some time later… everyone who was present at the camping trip receives an invite to an Easter-themed party. An invite from the dead. So, obviously they all decide to meet up in the hope that they will get answers and be able to piece together the events of that fateful night.

Unfortunately for them, their host has other ideas and sets about trying to force a confession from the murderer, then killing them, one by one. All while wearing a garish rabbit mask.

It’s a slasher movie that creates a nice sense of mystery. Over the course of the movie, as the characters are forced to dig into their memories, the events of that night start to come into focus. However, each character has a different recollection adding even more mystery to the murder that occurred.

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It’s really well done up until the reveal and then the movie collapses under the weight of an absurdly convoluted and unbelievable twist. It’s such a terrible reveal and ending that it actively harms a lot of the good work that came before it.

Good work like a decent cast with weighty characters, some impressive deaths, some excellent visual shots and great music. All of this is enough to make this worthwhile but the sense of disappointment that comes from the final 10-15 minutes is hard to forgive.

Easter Bunny Massacre (2021)
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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