Horror Movie Review: Don’t Hang Up (2016)

Don’t Hang Up is a horror/thriller film that was directed by Alexis Wajsbrot and Damien Macé, releasing in 2016.

The film opens with a tense scene in which a woman receives a phone call in the middle of the night. The caller claims to be the police and informs her that an intruder is in the house and that her young daughter is in danger. Naturally, she freaks out but it all turns out to be a huge prank. The pranksters? Brady Mannion, Sam Fuller, Jeff Mosley, and Roy, a.k.a. “PrankMonkey69”. The video of the prank phone call goes viral and the boys become well known on YouTube. Don’t hang up is a high-energy horror thriller with a twisted plot; for some more bone-chilling action, check out this amazing collection of horror movies on Netflix.

With Sam alone at home for the weekend, Brady comes over and the two of them make more prank phone calls. Later that night, a mysterious man who identifies himself as Mr. Lee begins repeatedly calling the boys, insisting that they do not hang up on him. Sam and Brady are initially indifferent until Mr. Lee reveals that he knows their names, addresses, and intimate details of their lives.

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Mr. Lee begins texting Sam and Brady in addition to calling. Video footage he sends them reveals that Mr. Lee is holding Brady’s parents hostage at the Mannion residence. Mr. Lee prevents the boys from calling 911 by hijacking their cell phone lines. He also takes control of the house’s electrical power. A video feed shows the masked Mr. Lee suffocating Roy to death with a plastic bag tied around his head.

While Sam is away, Mr. Lee makes Brady an offer to kill Sam in exchange for his parents’ freedom. Mr. Lee continues to reveal details that leads to the divide between Sam and Brady getting bigger and bigger. Who will survive?

Don’t Hang Up is a decent horror film that teaches a valuable lesson to those viewing it. A lesson that is as relevant as it ever has been. Be careful what you post on the internet and that the things you say and do could have severe consequences.

I really enjoyed the opening of the film. Firstly, the twist that it’s all a prank is well done. Also, it introduces the characters in the most obnoxious way possible. I immediately began looking forward to them getting slaughtered in some kind of gruesome manner. However, to the films credit it does manage to portray the boys in a different light. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely deserve some kind of punishment. Especially when you find out what one of their pranks led to. Still, what happens to them feels extreme. Yes, they are annoying douchebags but most of their pranks do seem juvenile at best. You be the judge. This is certainly not a “pro” prank movie at all.

The scenario that Sam and Brady find themselves in is an interesting one. It gets you thinking about what you might do. For the most part, they do what you’d expect. However, they take the complicated route as well. They soon learn that Mr. Lee can hear what they are saying. For whatever reason this doesn’t stop them from discussing their thoughts and plans out aloud.

The performances are pretty good. There are a few times when I felt it went a bit over the top. I liked the little twists regarding the time differences between what was happening and what they were seeing. Mr. Lee gave me Jigsaw or even Ghost face vibes so there’s that. There is some gore but it’s kept minimal and has a realistic feel.

Overall, Don’t Hang Up isn’t going to be on anyone’s “must see” list. Still, it’s fun enough and has some good moments of tension. Certainly a serviceable horror film if there ever was one.

Don't Hang Up
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