Horror Movie Review: Doghouse (2009)

Doghouse is a British horror/comedy film that was directed by Jake West, releasing in 2009. It follows a group of male friends who travel to a remote village in England for a ‘boys’ weekend’. Upon their arrival, they find out that all the women in the town have been transformed into ravenous literal man-eaters.

Vince is depressed over his recent divorce. Six of his friends—Neil, Mikey, Graham, Matt, Patrick and Banksy all have their own women problems. So, they decide to take Vince on a “boys’ weekend”. They hire a minibus driven by Candy to Moodley, a village where the women allegedly outnumber the men 4 to 1.Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Arriving at the town, the boys find it quiet and surprisingly devoid of women. On the way back to the minibus, the men notice a hooded teenage girl being attacked by a man in military uniform. They rush to her aid and in the confusion of the moment, the hooded teen takes the soldier’s knife and stabs Neil. They run for the bus dragging the unconscious soldier with them but discover that Candy, has already become infected. More infected women appear and begin to attack them as they retreat to a house owned by Mikey’s grandmother. The soldier admits that the town has been infected by a biological agent that turns women into cannibals.

Can the lads make it home?

Doghouse is exactly what it intends to be and that is a bit of silly fun. The story is super simple but it’s a great idea for a horror film, especially a British one. The concept of some kind of virus that only affects women is certainly a unique and original one. It’s never really explained how it works but it’s no big deal really.

The characters are a bit too dumb for my liking. I know, I shouldn’t take it so seriously but I have to mention it. The reason being that the comedic moments in the film are far more miss than hit. There’s moments of amusement and some great one liners but it could have been better in that department. It’s just you don’t really get to know any of the characters enough to care about them. They are just so one dimensional it’s a bit of a shame. You can tell some of them are only there to be fodder. Their sexist commentary and banter might be a bit too much for some more sensitive audiences. Although, this was 2009.

The biggest strength of the film is the horror elements. These zombies or birdites look fantastic. They’re never treated like a joke and always feel threatening. Considering this is such a comedic film, I was surprised at just how horrifying they look. The actors playing these monsters truly embody their roles fantastically well.

Finally, the ending is fun but it felt very abrupt. I really would have liked some sort of resolution with their girlfriends etc. Or maybe even a hint that one of them had brought the virus home with them somehow. Alas, this is not the case.

Overall, Doghouse is brainless fun but it doesn’t come anywhere close to something like Shaun of the Dead, a film it borrows a lot from.


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