Album Review: They Fell From The Sky – Decade (Say Something Records)

October 1st 2021 will see the release of ‘Decade’, the highly anticipated debut album from rock studio project They Fell from The Sky.

It’s been a long wait (seeing as the band officially formed in 2008) but finally, They Fell from the Sky have their debut ready to drop. A 10-track album filled with nostalgia, good-time rhythm, powerful and anthemic singalongs, and tons of energy.

Bouncy and passionate, Dry has a heavier vibe but still delivers one hell of an anthem to get Decade started strongly. Whereas Crush This World erratic guitar riffs, touches of feedback, deep bass thrums and volatile spurts takes things back to the heyday of the likes of Funeral for A Friend and Taking Back Sunday. Whereas The Line really dials up the poppier melodrama for one hell of a thought-provoking and sweet-sounding song.

Three tracks, three influential and distinctive hits already. They Fell from the Sky start their album hot and certainly aren’t cooling down with Can’t Think of Anything and Take or Leave It. The former’s more relaxed rhythm delivers a massive sounding chorus that fills the soul with good vibes. While the latter has They Fell from the Sky demand one thing from listeners and it’s a very simple thing to do… move your body.

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There’s a strong chance you’ll be well and truly in love with this album already but if you need any further convincing, They Fell from the Sky have the songs to do it. Mantrap is a temperamental effort with a thumping drum beat, The Joy of Hindsight is an immense singalong, One More Obstacle has a frantic liveliness to it and Staring at the Sun has some of the heavier instrumentation even if the vocals are smooth and rich to the ears.

What a banger of an album this is but all good things must come to an end and it’s with Birth of Stars, Decade does. One last huge anthem to go out on leaving smiles on faces, extra pep in a step and even some nostalgic memories spinning through the head.

They Fell from the Sky – Decade Full Track Listing:

1. Dry
2. Crush This World
3. The Line
4. Can’t Think of Anything
5. Take or Leave It
6. Mantrap
7. The Joy of Hindsight
8. One More Obstacle
9. Staring at the Sun
10. Birth of Stars


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They Fell From The Sky - Decade (Say Something Records)
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