Horror Movie Review: Demon Resurrection (2008)

Written and directed by William Hopkins, Demon Resurrection rises above its low budget to deliver an entertaining, silly and occasionally gross-out combination of Rosemary’s Baby, Evil Dead and zombie movies in general.

It’s a fun movie, once it finally gets going.

Alexis Golightly plays Grace who finds her friends have arrived to stage an intervention. Her recent change in behaviour and attitude leads them to believe she is suffering from drug addiction. They don’t think her boyfriend, John (Damian Ladd) is good for her but he assures them her problem isn’t drugs.

…and he’s right.

John’s a bit of an occult expert and helped Grace leave a cult lead by Toth (Will McDonald) but not before she got impregnated by a demon. In one of the few more graphic moments, we actually see this impregnation and it’s not short even though the effects are pretty poor.

Due to give birth to…something…soon, Toth summons a load of zombies and sends them to get Grace back. Zombies that will stop at nothing to complete their task.

On paper, Demon Resurrection sounds awful…and it is. However, around all the poorly delivered dialogue and wooden acting is trashy horror movie fun. The zombies, bearing similarities to the reanimated corpse from the Father’s Day short in Creepshow, are unstoppable. Not only that, they are not gentle and we get many a gory scene involving them as they plough through the cast to get to Grace.

She’s certainly not having a great time, giving bloody birth to some sort of monstrous creature. It’s a disturbing scene and another one of the more graphic moments in the movie. Will she, her boyfriend and friends be able to survive the horror?

Cartoonish and very silly, this was clearly the best direction they could have taken with Demon Resurrection. Any attempt to take itself seriously or try and tell a ‘proper’ story would have highlighted the flaws tenfold and made it a horrid watch.

It’s far from that and well worth checking out. Just get through the slow start and you’ll be having a blast!


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Demon Resurrection
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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