Album Review: Noitatalid – Furies in the Steppes from Russia! (Music-Records)

Noitatalid began when Andreп (singer/guitarist) created a brutal death project, inspired by the American scene. Gradually, his brothers (Aleksey – drums/Vitaly – bass) joined him in the project and Noitatalid was born.

Their debut album, ‘Furies in the Steppes from Russia!’ will be released on October 9th 2020 via Music-Records.

A short and sharp jab to the brain, Noitatalid are certainly looking to make a splash with their debut. Akin to the early days of thrash and death metal, where the aim was to get in, smash the place up with unmitigated fury and get out.

Noitatalid certainly achieve that and deliver some strong riffs and thick, brawny percussion but lack a killer hook. Partially because of the vocals that often take on a disconnected and computerised tone. Something that is interesting the first time you hear it but not in almost every track.

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It ultimately makes for a forgettable listen as it all starts to blur together. It’s more than palatable, at times it is down-right tasty, but there’s the itch at the back of the mind that deepens as it goes on.

Not quite a miss but it will be interesting to see how Noitatalid are able to learn and how they grow from this debut.

Noitatalid – Furies in the Steppes from Russia! Full Track Listing:

1. Steppes
2. I Lie and Win
3. Poker Game
4. Jim
5. Immortal Life
6. Snow, Lamb, Wolf
7. Fuck
8. Kamikaze
9. White Buttock
10. Voiceless
11. Dead Man
12. Seppets


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Noitatalid - Furies in the Steppes from Russia! (Music-Records)
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