Horror Movie Review: Deep Murder (2019)

Deep Murder is a horror-comedy film that was directed by Nick Corirossi, releasing in 2019. How do I even begin to explain this film? Let’s just say the “deep” in Deep Murder doesn’t mean it takes place underground or underwater. It means, exactly what you think it means. Yep, that kind of “deep”.

To elaborate further for those that are curious, yes this film is about porn. It’s a masked killer slasher film that takes place within a porno. The characters in it are stereotypical clichés that you would find in retro adult movies. You know, the types that attempt to have a storyline. One’s involving the babysitter and the quarterback etc. Or the scientist and the nerd who happens to be a virgin. It’s exactly as ridiculous as it sounds.

I went in not having any idea what this about so you can imagine my surprise. I have seen some pretty weird horror-comedies in my life but this just might take the cake. In a lot of ways that’s actually a huge compliment I imagine. I have to give the film credit for originality, it’s certainly unique. In a genre where everything has been done, that’s impressive. The concept is actually quite interesting to dissect.

You have to be in the right frame of mind with Deep Murder. If you don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy it for what it is then you’ll have a fun time. It certainly had me laughing at all of its absurdity. Although, the comedy is pretty hit and miss. The acting is horrible but it’s completely intentional, it’s really well done. Everyone plays their clichéd character exactly as you’d imagine. They deliver the cringe-worthy dialogue perfectly. Deep Murder must use every single sex or porn based pun/innuendo ever.

There is some decent looking gore but it’s minimal, likely due to budgetary constraints. Also, there’s some dodgy editing/continuity in places. However, that could be completely intentional as it’s meant to be taking place in a cheesy softcore porn flick.

Also, I might be wrong here but the film was definitely attempting so make a couple of statements. One is certainly a metaphor on the ways in which the porn that people consume has changed over time and become more violent and extreme. Another is some kind of message about being a virgin and how that isn’t a bad thing? Not quite sure on that one.

Deep Murder is no cinematic masterpiece but it’s not like it was attempting or striving to be that anyway.

Deep Murder
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