Horror Movie Review: Death of a Vlogger (2019)

At times, brilliant. At other times, disappointing. Death of a Vlogger is a seriously mixed bag of horror. One that is part found-footage, part-mockumentary and throws in numerous ideas about the dangers of social media, online bullying, pressures to entertain and manipulation of audiences. Wrapped up in a ghost story ala Paranormal Activity or any film that involves hauntings that came after.

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Do you see the problem? What’s exciting about yet another found-footage ghost story? Absolutely nothing even if Death of a Vlogger has some chills and thrills. However, what if it was all an elaborate scam that was eventually exposed but cost lives? Now that’s interesting.

The film stars Graham (Graham Hughes) as a vlogger who wants nothing more then to have a viral hit online. This has meant he tries to push the boundaries and will willingly do anything for ‘a laugh’ as well as jumping on any trend that comes along. He is obsessed with getting likes but is disappointed to see his viewership begin to fall.

That is until during one of his recording sessions he appears to capture a haunting. While, initially quite disturbed by the events, the reaction online buoys Graham and he revels in his new internet fame. However, not everyone is convinced that what they saw was real.

So, Graham and his partner, Erin (Annabel Logan) teams up with an online ghost hunter named Steve (Paddy Kondracki) to conduct a live séance. This event reveals a ghostly figure and once again, Graham’s viewership goes through the roof. However, with that much attention, those more skilled at debunking this kind of thing begin to notice flaws and inconsistencies in the events and stories.

Are these hauntings and Graham’s claims as true as he says they are? What happens to an internet star when everyone turns on them? What if the words you type in a comment had actual devastating results? Would you have typed them?

This side of Death of a Vlogger is truly the best parts of the movie. We are told time and time again about the dangers of social media and its impact on mental health. However, that’s easy to dismiss especially when you are part of the problem. Are you the type to spew abuse at everyone from the comfort of your couch? Never caring about what your words or actions might mean? What damage you could be inflicting on those that read your poison?

Or maybe you’re a vlogger yourself and not able to switch off from sharing every single aspect of your life online? What if you were to do something that you think is innocent enough but ends up offending or disrespecting a mass amount of people?

These are the questions that Death of a Vlogger asks and handles with style and decorum. The mockumentary side of the film, interviews with those involved in the incidents that occur, are the best moments of the movie. Where it falls down is with the ghostly side of things and how ‘by the numbers’ it all is. There’s nothing original here and while, there are some moments that send a brief chill through the body, it’s often followed up by something far less subtle and more groan inducing.

The ending is also one of the most disappointing aspects. As up to that point things were pretty ambiguous and you were left to make up your own mind, so to speak. The final minute or so looks to take that away and it ends up leaving a hollow feeling in the stomach.

Overall though, for what it does right, Death of a Vlogger is a worthy watch.#

Death of a Vlogger
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