Horror Movie Review: Dark Feed (2013)

Dark Feed tells the story of a group of filmmakers looking to cut the costs of their movie by filming it inside of an abandoned mental asylum. No-one’s having much fun on set & the rubbish conditions inside the asylum keeps everyone on edge. There is a whole lot of arguing throughout this movie.

Dark Feed 3

This asylum has a dark past too & the presence of the filmmakers revives something inside it. The supernatural entity begins to affect the crew driving them slowly insane. At first, it’s just the crew behaving strangely. As time passes though the influence of the hospital begins to turn others towards murder.

Will anyone get out alive?

Dark Feed 1

Dark Feed is as middle of the road as you can get. It’s unmemorable, unexciting & lacks a lot of polish but it’s not terrible.

The story is unoriginal & it takes far too long to really get going but when it does there are some entertaining moments. An early walkaround dressed up as showing the script writer around shows off a number of elements that will come into play such as the pool.

Visually, the asylum looks good, actually like an abandoned hospital. The subtle nature of the madness that takes hold makes it interesting to see just what happens next. Are these characters just a bit wacky or is the start of insanity taking hold?

Dark Feed 4

The characters, and there are a lot of them, are just fodder for the asylum & those in the lead roles are boring & uninspired. Names are unimportant & they are easier defined by their job roles. It doesn’t matter though as you’ll still struggle to remember who was who by the end.

The amount of pointless dialogue that ends up just being constant petty squabbles really harms the overall film too. So many pointless scenes & dialogue exchanges do little to expand character development, these aren’t people you will or need to care about.

Dark Feed 5

It’s a low budget offering, it looks it & the calibre of acting on show proves it. That’s no excuse for being boring though.

Dark Feed
  • The Final Score - 5/10

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