Horror Movie Review: Clowns of Halloween (2019)

An anthology horror, Clowns of Halloween tells three stories surrounding clowns, unsurprisingly. Three tales of seriously varying quality beginning with House of Giggles.

Probably the best of the bunch. It sees a group of youngsters having a little Halloween party where they tell scary stories. One recants the story of Gilbert Gacy. A man who murdered everyone in the house they are currently in while dressed as a clown.

Guess who pops up shortly afterwards and starts a new bloodbath?

Entertaining with some decent acting, a decent script and some nice deaths/gore. As the first of three different clowns, Gacy sets the bar.

The second story is called Doll From Hell and surrounds a creepy clown doll. One that seems to be connected with the guests at a party dying. The most lacking of the trio, the biggest issue surrounding this story is the pacing and off-screen kills. It seems to want to create a sense of dread and atmosphere but it just never happens.

Finally we get Deadly Premonition which takes on the slasher form.

In it a woman visits an automated fortune teller at a carnival and is warned of danger in her immediate future. Naturally she doesn’t take it seriously and heads home. Unfortunately for her, the fortune telling machine was right. Her ex-boyfriend has become consumed with jealousy and has decided to kill her while wearing a clown mask.

Sitting squarely in the middle in regards to quality, one of the high points of this story is the acting of Breana Mitchell. She’s easy to get behind and chances are you’ll be rooting for her survival. The other high point is the well-written plot that throws some decent surprises out too.

It goes on a little too long and at times looks quite amateurish but that is an issue with the film overall. It doesn’t always look great but writer/director Dustin Ferguson does a good job of squeezing every penny out of the budget.

It’s not going to change the Halloween horror world. However, if you’re looking for some clown-related entertainment you could do much worse then Clowns of Halloween.

Clowns of Halloween
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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